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Hey there, I'm Hazel :)
I'm 18
Living in good old England~
Doing my A levels at college this year (wish me luck!)

This journal used to be friends only but I've decided to turn it into a fanfiction journal since the awesome aliquoten made me an amazing new layout~ (Although I've admittedly edited it since then). I'm going to start posting my fics in my journal instead of directly into the comms, as well as icons and whatever else ends up there (but probably just fics and icons XD)
I've posted an archive post for all my fics so that you can find all the stuff I posted into the comms, and you should also check out my other archive post of fanwork for my fics, because some amazingly talented people have drawn for my Prussia/Austria fic 'The Duties of an Austrian Maid' and you should go and shower their works with love and comments~

Feel free to add me as a friend or send me a PM if you want to say hi - I'll always happy to talk to new people :)