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10 November 2019 @ 09:55 pm
Fanworks for my fics  
So since I've had so much fanart for The Duties of an Austrian Maid from all the amazingly talented people who read it (I love you guys!), I decided to make a journal post archiving them so that others but mainly I can find and oggle at their beauty easily.


Fanart for The Duties of an Austrian Maid

Maid!Roderich being harassed by Gilbert and Eliza by o0litodreamer0o

Maid!Roderich by rweon

Maid!Roderich on a leash by emmiekinz

Kiss scene + Gilbird from chapter 5 by MizzyJagger from FFN

ChibiMaid!Roderich trying to make his skirt longer by prussiablue

Roderich, Gilbert and the scary green drink from chapter 2 by neko6

Maid!Roderich trying on the dress while Gilbert and Arthur look scary by neko6

Maid!Roderich being molested by Gilbert by TerryxRage from FFN

'Gilbird likes tea' by ravenspine21 from FFN

Promotional for the fic by criaze


Really cute Maid!Austria sketch by biki89chan on FFN

Another sketch by biki89chan

A blushing chibi maid!Austria by coyoteclaw11

Maid!Austria with a cake by gilbert33 on deviantart

Amazing Duties Cosplay

Maid!Austria cleaning while Prussia...pays close attention

Prussia loves his maid~

Kissy kissy~

Austria does not look impressed at having to wear a dress

Sulky!Austria is sulky

Prussia plays with Mariazell

We have Maid!Prussia too!

Other Fanworks

Fanfic - a scene from The Fall of Prussia set in the time-skip in my original fic by prussiablue

Spanish translation of The Fall of Prussia by arima_shiro

Fanart for 'One Hundred Things Austria Mustn't Do' involving Austria, France and pepper spray by Sel-Chan

Fanart of the scene on the Malecón from Accented Sugar and Spanish by Zemmer on dA, i.e. the OP for the rare pairs challenge request on the kink meme

Fanart for 'Never Mind the Economy, Here's a Motorbike' featuring Korea pissing off punk!England by DrunkPrussian

Coloured version of the above coloured by NightmaresInTheFire

German translation of Anatomically Correct by Mitosi

Chinese translation of Anatomically Correct Ch.1 by hikka

Another Chinese translation of Anatomically Correct by mikiaftermiki

Chinese translation of Anatomically Correct Ch.2 by hikka

Russian translation of Duties of an Austrian Maid by lindemannia

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Hazel: Prusstria shirtchibi_spork on November 11th, 2009 09:10 am (UTC)
Yep! I actually managed to make some icons myself~ Only really simple ones, but at least I tried, right? XD

I'll send it to you! I have a lot of fanart because I stalk pixiv religiously XD Even though I don't speak Japanese...XD
(Anonymous) on December 3rd, 2009 09:51 am (UTC)
Wow... I just read Duties on ff.n and came to check out the fanart...
And the picture that you have to the right completely creeped me out, because I have been toying with the idea of making a PrussiaxAustria AMV to that very song for a while now...
Wow. Completely strange. Breath definitely suits them.
I just have to add that you are an absolutely amazing writer. Duties was lovely, eloquent, and well executed, and both of them stayed in character.
I'm applauding you here.
Still stunned. I can't believe I came across someone who shares the same idea...

I'm elepaio on ff.n. Usually I don't comment, but your work is so impressive that I felt compelled to. Completely transcends what I usually end up reading :)
Hazel: Prussia/FrenchMaid!Austriachibi_spork on December 3rd, 2009 01:22 pm (UTC)
Haha, really? Awesome! Although I must admit that I didn't choose the lyrics and it was aliquoten who decided on them since she made my layout (and I was very unhelpful and couldn't think of any good songs. Clearly you two are on the same wavelength though~)
And yes, I agree, it does suit them~ :)
Thank you so, so much, it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed my writing that much =D

Well, your comment is definitely very much appreciated. It's totally made my morning! <33 Thank you! :)